Susan Yardley

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Susan Yardley (born Susan Yardley Morss, married to Tim Hardin)

Beach Party (7-Aug-1963) surfer – uncredited
Gidget (TV 1966 – ‘Ego-a-Go-Go’)  Shari Sue*

*Episode featuring Richard Dreyfuss

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Marriage to Tim Hardin
Tim Hardin: Tim Hardin 2
Written by July 23rd, 2014 at 9:09 am

t“If I were a carpenter and you were a lady/ Would you marry me anyway, would you have my baby,” Hardin sings. It’s a question directed at Susan Morss, his lover and muse. On the album cover, she palms her swollen stomach as he peers out at the back courtyard of their Spanish house in L.A.

Hardin met Morss, whom he calls “Susan Moore,” when she was acting on the soap opera The Young Marrieds. They hooked up at the disapproval of her father, a former major-general in the Army and a prosecutor in New Jersey. On “The Lady Came from Baltimore,” Hardin describes him as a man who “read the law” and believes that Hardin marries “Susan Moore” to “steal her money.”

Despite Hardin’s affection for Morss, his relationship with heroin (which he describes in “Red Balloon”) proved to be overwhelming, and within three years his life as a “family man” ended.

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