Guy Hemric

Guy Hemric

Guy Hemric: born Guy Bonson Hemric, 30 June 1931, North Carolina; died 10 January 1993 Florida)

Muscle Beach Party (25 Mar 1964) beach boy
Bikini Beach (22-Jul-1964) surfer
Pajama Party (11 Nov 1964) pyjama boy
Beach Blanket Bingo (14-Apr-1965) beach boy
How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (14-Jul-1965)  Ad Man
Thunder Alley (22-Mar-1967)

Guy Hemric, 61, Wrote Words That Made Movies Sing
January 12, 1993|By Steven Brown, Of The Sentinel Staff

Guy Bonson Hemric of Maitland, who wrote lyrics for the ”beach movies” starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, died Sunday of cancer. He was 61.

Born in State Road, N.C., Mr. Hemric moved to Los Angeles in 1952 and worked for a finance company and as a tour guide before breaking into songwriting. His first success was ”What Good Does It Do Me?” which became a No. 1 single in Europe as recorded by British vocalist Petula Clark.

In 1963 Mr. Hemric joined the staff of American International Pictures, where he wrote lyrics for songs in the ”beach movies” that starred Funicello, Avalon and others. Beach Blanket Bingo, Muscle Beach Party and How to Stuff a Wild Bikini are the best-known of a number of movies to which Hemric contributed.

”Guy was honest and sweet, and I’ve adored him ever since,” Funicello said in a profile of Mr. Hemric that appeared in the Sentinel in 1985. ”He not only did almost all of the songs, but he also acted in some of the movies. If you look real hard, you’ll discover that he sometimes plays one of the surfer boys.”

Mr. Hemric continued working in Hollywood through the 1970s, but after a 1981 bout with cancer he decided to leave the movie industry. He moved to Central Florida, working as an administrative assistant at Orlando Regional Medical Center and later as administrative as-sistant for the Florida Symphony Orchestra.

For the FSO’s 1984-85 season he wrote lyrics for a song, ”Season of Romance,” that was performed at a number of symphony events. After leaving the FSO in 1986, Mr. Hemric continued writing songs and worked on film projects with composer Richard Loring and screenwriter Louis Garfinkle.

Mr. Hemric, who lived on Faith Terrace in Maitland, was a Baptist. He is survived by his mother, Gladys Hemric of Wilkesboro, N.C.; and a sister, Vivian Marion of Wilkesboro.


Songwriting credits:

Beach Party
“Promise Me Anything (Give Me Love)”, “Treat Him Nicely”

Muscle Beach Party
“Happy Street”, “A Girl Needs a Boy”

Pajama Party
“It’s That Kind of Day”, “There Has to Be a Reason”, “Where Did I Go Wrong”, “Pajama Party”, “Beach Ball”, “Among the Young”, “Stuffed Animal”

Beach Blanket Bingo
lyrics: “Beach Blanket Bingo”, “It Only Hurts When I Cry”, “Follow Your Leader”, “He’s My New Love”, “I Think You Think”, “He’s My Fly Boy”, “These Are the Good Times” – uncredited

Ski Party
“We’ll Never Change Them”)

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
“How to Stuff a Wild Bikini”, “How About Us”, “That’s What I Call a Healthy Girl”, “Madison Avenue”, “The Boy Next Door”, “Better Be Ready”, “The Perfect Boy”, “I Am My Ideal”, “If It’s Gonna Happen”, “After the Party”, “Follow Your Leader”

Sergeant Dead Head
“The Difference in Me Is You”, “Let’s Play Love”, “How Can You Tell”, “You Should’ve Seen the One That Got Away”, “Hurry Up and Wait”, “Two Timin’ Angel”, “Sergeant Deadhead”

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
“The Bikini Machine”

The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini
“Geronimo”, “Swing A-Ma Thing”, “Don’t Try to Fight It Baby”, “Stand Up and Fight”, “Make the Music Pretty”

Fireball 500
“Fireball 500”, “Step Right Up”, “My Way”, “Turn Around”, “A Chance Like That”, “Country Carnival”

Dr. Goldfoot and the ‘S’ Bomb
“Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs”

Ski Fever
“Please Don’t Gamble with Love”

Thunder Alley
“When You Get What You Want”, “Thunder Alley”

The Savage Seven (
lyrics: “The Ballad of the Savage Seven”

The Mini-Skirt Mob
lyrics: “The Mini-Skirt Mob”

Wild in the Streets
“Wild In the Streets”

Angels from Hell
“Angels from Hell”, “Crystal Tear”

The Big Bounce
“The Big Bounce”

The Devil’s 8
”Devil’s Eight”

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