Nancy Sinatra


Nancy Sinatra: born 8 June 1940, Jersey City Jersey, first child of Frank Sinatra. All movie credits:

For Those Who Think Young (3 Jun 1964) Karen Cross
Get Yourself a College Girl (18-Dec-1965) Lynne
Marriage on the Rocks (1965) Tracy Edwards
The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (6-Apr-1966) Vicki
The Last of the Secret Agents? (22 Jun 1966) Micheline
The Wild Angels (20 Jul 1966) Mike ‘Monkey’
Speedway (12 June 1968) Susan Jacks

These Boots are Made For Walking recorded 19 Nov 1965, released 22 Feb 1966, number one on the Billboard Singles Chart by the end of February.

How Does That Grab You Darlin’? (b/w The Last of the Secret Agents), number 7 on Billboard in May 1966.

Sugar Town, number 5 on Billboard in December 1966.

Something Stupid, recorded 1 February 1967, reached number 1 on Billboard

You Only Live Twice (theme to the James Bond film), recorded 2 May 1967, number 44 on Billboard

Drummer Man, released 1969 reached 98 on Billboard – Nancy Sinatra’s last time in the top 100 chart singles.


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