Lana Wood

1946 Lana Wood bikini paisley

Lana Wood born Svetlana Nikolaevna Gurdin, 1 March 1946, Santa Monica California. Younger sister of Natalie Wood, famous for the role of ‘Plenty O’Toole’ in James Bond’s Diamonds Are Forever (1971).

First credit: The Searchers (1956)Younger Debbie Edwards – the younger version of the character played by her sister, Natalie Wood.

The Girls on the Beach (12-May-1965) Debbie
The Long Hot Summer (1965-66) Eula Harker – 23 episodes
Peyton Place (TV 1966-68) Sandy Webber – 80 episodes
For Singles Only (5-Jun-1968) Helen Todd


Lana Wood (left) as George Harrison and Linda Marshall as John Lennon of The Beatles in The Girls on the Beach (1965).

Lana Wood in Playboy Magazine, 1971 (The 007 Dossier):


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