Edd Byrnes

LC Beach Ball
Edd Byrnes (right) carries Chris Noel in a publicity photo for Beach Ball (1965)

Edd Byrnes: born Edward Breitenberger, 30 July 1933, New York City New York.  Author of an autobiography, Kookie No More (1996), detailing his alcoholism.

First credit: Crossroads (TV 1956) 2nd Soldier

77 Sunset Strip (TV 1958 – 63) – 137 episodes – Kookie
Hawaiian Eye (TV 1960) ‘Swan Song for a Hero’ – Kookie
Surfside 6 (TV 1962) ‘Love Song for a Deadly Redhead’ – Kookie
Hawaiian Eye (TV 1962) ‘Among the Living’ Kookie

Beach Ball (1965) Dick

Grease (1978) Vince Fontaine

Final credit: Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story (TV 1999)
Bobby Icovella

beach ball bw chris noel edd byrnes-2


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