Dodie Marshall

Dodie Marshall, Easy Come, Easy Go

Dodie Marshall: born Rhoda Bailey Wolf, 22 December 1934, Philadelphia USA, married and divorced advertising executive Barry Marshall in her 20s, worked as a model before dancing on Broadway, then moved to Hollywood. Since the end of her acting career, has continued to live in Beverly Hills as “Dr Dodie Bailey Marshall”.

Complete credits:
Oliver! (Broadway 6 Jan 1963 – 14 Nov 1964) Londoner
My Favourite Martin
(TV 27-Dec-1964) ‘Won’t You Come Home’ Imogene
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (TV 8-Oct-1965) ‘Foxes and Hounds’ receptionist
Shindig! (TV 25-Nov-1965) performed “Round Every Corner”
My Brother The Angel (TV 14-Jan-1966) ‘Hawaiian Caper’ Carol
The Rounders (TV 11-Oct-1966) ‘Scavenger Hunt’ Maria
Spinout (14-Dec-1965) Susan
Easy Come, Easy Go (14-Jun-1967) Jo Symington
Cowboy In Africa (TV 18-Sep-1967) ‘Kifaru’ Martha Sawyer

Dodie Marshall dancing

Los Angeles Times

Only in L.A. People and Events | March 21, 1990 | Steve Harvey

The press had been tipped by a wire service that a Beverly Hills woman had “set the American record for an IQ test” and she would be honored Tuesday at a City Council session attended by Guinness officials.

Unfortunately, only two reporters were smart enough to show up to see Dodie Bailey Marshall.

And a lot of what she said passed right over their heads.

For instance, there was the claim that her perfect 200 IQ score had been achieved on a test she administered to herself–and later had notarized “at the Supreme Court in Santa Monica.”

Neither Mayor Maxwell Salter nor the council remembered her contacting them beforehand. But he good-naturedly took dictation from her, scrawling on a card: “Congratulations Dr. Dodie Marshall World Records Highest IQ!!!”

Asked later why Salter gave her such recognition, city spokesman Fred Cunningham said: “I have no idea.”

Marshall, who appeared in two Elvis movies–you knew Elvis would be involved in this somehow–and now writes romance novels, wasn’t dismayed when Guinness officials failed to show. “I would never fraudulize them,” she said.

Beverly Hills News 21-Sep-1995


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