Elvis leaning on a palm tree and Shelley Fabares


An overweight and sickly-looking Elvis Presley with a worried-looking Shelley Fabares in Clambake (1967). Shelley Fabares’ third and final film with Elvis Presley. Generally regarded as one of the worst Elvis movies, marginaly better than Double Trouble and Harum Scarum. I like it.

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4 Responses to Elvis leaning on a palm tree and Shelley Fabares

  1. dykewriter says:

    Reblogged this on Nina's Soap Bubble Box and commented:
    What surprises me about Elvis and Shelly Fabres is that she was in three movies with him (more than any other costar) and despite being a pop singer – she never did a duet or a song with him. Ann-Maraget got a song and a duet in VLV and Nancy Sinatra made the soundtrack – even Kissin Cousins – the granny has the best song in the movie. as for worse ever Elvis movie: Stay Away Joe – a horrible racist mess that undoes Flaming Star….
    Clambake, the title track was horrid – but Elvis’ girl I never loved should have been a single and a hit – Mickey gilley charted in the 80s with it


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