Barechested Dave Draper with bigchested Sharon Tate

Dont Make Waves Dave Draper chester torton sharon tate chest

Don’t Make Waves (1967): one and only leading role for bodybuilder Dave Draper: “The executives at Filmways feel that Dave is definitely on his way to becoming a successful film actor.” Unfortunately for Filmways and Dave Draper, he is terrible in the movie and Sharon Tate is only better because her character says less. Dave Draper and Sharon Tate: great bodies, not a lot of talent.

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4 Responses to Barechested Dave Draper with bigchested Sharon Tate

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  3. Dale Ealey says:

    Not a lot of talent? And you know because? Was she pregnant? No chance she was just fed up with these shitty movies? Have you been pregnant?

    • Hillard Elkins says:

      In my opinion Sharon Tate was not a talented actress, based on having seen all all her film performances except in ‘Barrabas’. Her part in ‘Don’t Make Waves’ is poorly conceived with very little dialogue – all of it bad, and she delivers it awkwardly. No, I am male so I have never been pregnant but my wife has been – we have teenage children. I don’t believe Sharon Tate was pregnant when she made this film. I think the fact that she kept appearing in not-very-good movies is a reflection of her not very extensive talent. This is just a personal blog on the internet; no one should take it seriously.

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