Beach boys and girl on ’77 Sunset Strip’

77 Sunset Strip (TV 1958 – 1964) launched the career of Edd Byrnes, who played hipster carparking attendant “Kookie” in the first three seasons. When Byrnes returned to the series as a fully-fledged private investigator, the new carparking attendant was J.R. Hale, played by Robert Logan. Byrnes and Logan would later co-star in Beach Ball (1965).

Playboy Playmate Marianne Gaba (Animal in How To Stuff A Wild Bikini 1965) played different roles – Lita Ladoux, Peaches Schultz and Polly a swimsuit model – in three episodes of 77 Sunset Strip. Gaba appeared in Former Miss France Jacqueline Beer played receptionist Suzanne Fabry in 125 episodes.

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