A blonde with a bowling ball


Mary Hughes (1944 – 2007) at age 62: “…married to a wealthy owner of a packaging company, still has a killer bod (she’s been a personal trainer for 30 years), still owns a Boogie Board and has surfing sons, still is in the Malibu “in” crowd—the middle-aged chapter—and still is Duane King’s beachfront neighbor. Mary took a 25-year detour from Malibu, including a late-60s period in London, during which, she says, she had romances with the rock stars Jeff Beck, Roger Daltrey, and Eric Clapton, and a period in Mill Valley, in Northern California, when she was married for 18 years to musician-singer Lee Michaels (“Do You Know What I Mean,” “Heighty Hi”), with whom she raised 14 cheetahs and two tigers. (“We gave them away to Lion Country Safari when I got pregnant.”) – From ‘Malibu’s Lost Boys’ by Sheila Weller, in Vanity Fair, August 2006.

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