Pege Bent’s widow

Linda Bent: born Linda Jean Opie, 30 Mar 1939 Los Angeles, California; 25 Jan 1964 married Phillip Gordon “Pege” Bent (1 Jul 1941 – 12 Jul 1966) in San Diego, California.


Actor PHILLIP G. BENT and folksinger PETER SACHSE, both 26, were killed Tuesday  (Jul;y 12, 1966) when their converted World War II training plane crashed 150 feet off-shore while making a series of low passes over Windansea Beach near La Jolla.

BENT of La Jolla, pilot and owner of the AT6, appeared in such recent pictures as “Ghost in the Invisible Bikini” and “Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine.” He was co-owner of Chart House restaurants located in San Diego, Newport Beach, and Aspen, Colo.

SACHSE of Hollywood, who also held a pilot’s license, was a folk singer and composer. He was employed as a psychologist at the San Fernando Juvenile Faculty at Sylmar.

BENT’S widow is actress LINDA OPIE BENT and SACHSE’S widow, actress SALLI SACHSE. The women appeared together in a number of movies including “Fireball 500.”

SALLI SACHSE is now in Hong Kong filming “The Million Eyes of Su-Muru.”

“It looked like he was zooming down to make a loop,” said one witness. “I remember saying, ‘He does not have enough room.’ Then he crashed.”

Independent Long Beach California (13 July 1966)

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