La Cebolla Verde (The Green Onion) 1969

Hello Down There" Orig1969

Hello Down There (1969): Jim Backus, fresh from playing the millionaire tycoon on Gilligan’s Island (TV 1964-67), plays a millionaire tycoon T.R. Hollister; Roddy Mcdowell, fresh from playing a Phil Spector-like music producer in The Cool Ones (1967), plays Phil Spector-like music producer Nate Ashbury; and Tony Randall, about to play an effeminate neurotic after a marriage breakup in The Odd Couple (TV 1970-74), plays effimeminate neurotic Fred Miller on the verge of a marriage break-up. “The Green Onion” is the name of the underwater house that Fred Miller forces his wife and children to occupy to prove its value to T.R. Hollister.


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