Pete Brown


Pete Brown: born Peter Lynn deLapp, 5 October 1935, New York, USA.

First credit: Darby’s Rangers (1958) Rollo Burns

Summer Magic (1963) Tom Hamilton *with Deborah Walley, James Stacy
Ride the Wild Surf (1964) Chase Colton
Kitten with A Whip (1964) Ron *with Ann-Margret

Act of Vengeance (174) Jack *with Lada Edmund Jr

Final credit: Hell to Pay (2005) Johnny Behan

While acting may have been in the blood for Peter Brown, the cowboy would come later. Born in NYC to stage and radio actress Mina Reaume at the height of the Great Depression, Peter’s life would undergo two major changes early on. Firstly was the tragic loss of his father at the age of four. The second came when Peter’s family relocated to the West Coast at the beginning of the Second World War when Peter was nine-years-old… The next big change in Peter’s life came during his stint in the Army. Because USO shows were rarely put on for the soldiers in the cold north, Peter and three mates put together their own theatre to entertain the troops. Finally the acting genes in his blood were starting to come to the fore. The die was cast and the actor was born. And after appearing in a few plays like Desire under the Elms and doing some NBC TV Theatre, Peter won a contract with studio giant, Warner Bros… While Peter would branch out to act in shows as diverse as Days of Our Lives (seven seasons), Foxy Brown and The Wedding Planner, the advent of cable, will mean that his earlier series like Lawman where he played Deputy Johnny McKay, will always remain his best remembered roles… Peter has appeared in more than 100 episodes on various television shows, so somewhere in the world someone is usually watching him on TV. FIFTY YEARS A COWBOY



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