A scene from Warner Bros. musical comedy


The Cool Ones (1967) starring Debbie Watson (born 1949) and Gil Peterson (born 1936).

STARDOM AHEAD FOR YOUNG ACTOR? He’s young, blond, blue-eyed, good looking, extremely fit and sincere. His career is the most important thing in his life, and now he has a break that could head him for stardom.

Gil Peterson is the star of the new Warner Brothers technicolor musical comedy, “The Cool Ones,” which this week has been location shooting in Palm Springs. He is a young actor-singer making bis motion picture debut as the romantic lead in the picture, a youth drama with songs… Peterson came to California as a professional singer. He started singing during his college days, and toured the nightclub circuit in the south, doing floor shows and working with combos.

“After graduation from Mississippi State College I set out for golden Hollywood, but the going was rough, although I did make a few- guest appearances at nightclubs in the Los Angeles area,” he said. He gained a few small parts in television, and success came closer when he secured running roles in two television series, “Never Too Young,” and Paradise Bay.” He also had parts in “Combat” “Run For Your Life” and “The Young Marrieds.” Desert Sun, Number 307, 29 July 1966.

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