Beach Copies

Surf Party (1964) Terry, Sylvia, and Junior arrive in Malibu Beach from Arizona to vacation and to visit Terry’s brother Skeet. Sylvia falls in love with Skeet; Terry falls in love with Len, the operator of a local surf shop; and Junior falls in love with Milo, another surfer.

Beach Ball (1965) Dick Martin, manager of the musical group The Wigglers (Bango, Jack, and Bob), is notified by Mr. Wolf that the group owes him $1,000 for their instruments. To obtain the oney, Dick tells Susan, credit union manager of the college they attend, that he needs a sum to continue his research in African tribal rhythms. In fact, he and The Wigglers have dropped out of school and are enjoying life among the surfers and hot rodders at Malibu.

Wild on the Beach (1965) Lee Sullivan, a student at a California college, inherits a beach house from her uncle and wants to use it as a girls’ boardinghouse. Meanwhile, Adam plans to turn the house into a boys’ boardinghouse, claiming that he received permission while Lee’s uncle was still alive. Both receive housing permits and the administrative mixup makes for constant parties on the beach.

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