Snow Party movies

Winter A-Go-Go (1965) Jeff Forrester inherits a ski lodge at Lake Tahoe. With the help of his friend and promotion director Danny Frazer and his secretary Jo Ann Wallace, he wants to renovate the lodge as a ski resort for young adults. They bring in a large number of friends to help with the renovation. Jordan, who holds a mortgage on the lodge, sends Burt, a thug, to impede the group’s progress. Burt and Jeff have a ski fight in which Burt saves Jeff’s life, and thereafter he stops working for Jordan. The success of the enterprise ensured, the friends are able to pay off the mortgage; Jo Ann and Jeff are married; and Burt and his estranged girl friend, Janine, are reconciled.

Wild, Wild Winter (1966) Burt and Perry arrive at a small mountain college intent upon pursuing their major interests–romance and skiing. When they are totally ignored by Sandy and Dot, because their sorority head, Susan, is distrustful of men, the two students seek help from Ronnie, their fraternity brother. A student from Malibu, Ronnie is considered to be irresistible, but every attempt to influence Susan fails. When one of his ruses backfires, Ronnie is placed in the embarrassing position of having to compete in the championship ski contest. By accident he wins the crown and Susan’s love.

Ski Fever (1969) Brian Davis, an American music student enrolled at a European university, teaches skiing at an Austrian resort to pay for his studies. Max, the lodge manager, stipulates in the instructors’ contracts that they must entertain the female guests during the evenings. The employees have wired a bed in one of the guest rooms to a pinball machine, and while one of the group tries to seduce the occupant of the room, the others place bets on the amount of time that will elapse before the machine registers a “tilt.” Susan Halsey, a Californian, arrives at the lodge and becomes the center of the game. Brian, who has not joined in the competition, falls in love with her. He and Toni Brandt, the head instructor, wager their season’s pay on who will win her affections. Susan, repelled by Brian’s aggressive attitude, becomes attracted to Toni, but eventually she learns of the game and discovers that Toni is merely interested in winning the bet. Brian and Toni agree on a ski jumping contest to determine the winner. Brian competes using inferior equipment and is injured when he jumps. Susan becomes convinced of his sincerity and realizes that she loves him.

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