Tommy, Annette, Jack and Nancy

Annette Funicello wedding nancy sinatra

Tommy Sands (left, wearing glasses) and wife Nancy Sinatra (right, wearing pearls), at the wedding of Annette Funicello (center left) and Jack Gilardi (center right), January 9, 1965. Tommy Sands and Nancy Sinatra divorced just over six months later on July 28, 1965. Funicello and Gilardi divorced in 1982. Nancy Sinatra: “I got married, like a fool to Tommy Sands, because you didn’t have sex in those days if you weren’t married – at least, not if you were a good girl.” But the 60s must have afforded you many chances to be a bad girl? “Well, I wish I’d taken some of them,” she says, with a hint of regret, “because then I probably wouldn’t have gotten married.Interview with John Patterson, The Guardian.

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