Soon to be seen in ‘Pajama Party in a Haunted House’

Aron Kincaid 5x7 Promo Photograph with Reproduced Autograph Haunted House s-l1600

Pajama Party (1964), directed by Don Weis, is one of the better AIP Beach Party movies, partly due to superior choreography and dancing by David Winters and Toni Basil. Perhaps Pajama Party In A Haunted House was envisaged as sequel, rescuing the franchise from the musical pretentiousness of William Asher’s How To Stuff A Wild Bikini (1965) and the military drabness of Norman Taurog’s bikini-less Sergeant Dead Head (1965). Unfortunately, the production appeared to be cursed: Buster Keaton dying shortly before production began, a debt-ridden Basil Rathbone doing it for the money, Boris Karloff failing at comedy, reported script-changes and re-shoots, and the addition of Susan Hart‘s bikini-clad ghost in post-production. But the music is excellent (Bobby Fuller Four with Nancy Sinatra and Piccola Pupa solos), the young cast are energetic and aethetically appealing – especially Deborah Walley (Ski Party), Quinn O’Hara (A Swingin’ Summer) and Aron Kincaid (Beach Ball, The Girls on the Beach, Ski Party) – even if Tommy Kirk appears to be drunk, stoned and depressed throughout, and the movie features the-never-seen-before-never-to-be-heard-of-again novelty toy “Swing A-Ma Thing” demonstrated in a rocking pool-party dance sequence with wild fuzz guitar (watch on YouTube here).

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