Embryonic Teen Star


By PATRICIA McCORMACK. NEW YORK (UPI) – If sticking to a diet helps, Sue Hamilton will see her name in big lights someday. The embryonic filmstar sat beside me at lunch. She voiced an emphatic “no” to rolls, butter, potatoes, sauces, gravy dessert. She had a sliver of meat and a few peas. Between delicate loadings of the fork , she explained – “I’m on a diet.” Miss Hamilton, one inch shy of five feet, weighs 98 pounds, three pounds over her ideal weight. She intends to starve off the extra three. “In the movie business, you’ve got to keep your figure,” she said, balancing two peas on a fork. Her figure: 34-21-34. The blue-eyed blonde has been signed to a long-term multi-picture contract with American International Pictures (AIP). She and a dozen teen-age actors and actresses are helping James H. Nicholson, president of AIP, prove something different out Hollywood way. They’re good-looking and beautiful – male and female, respectively. Under the terms of their contracts, the unknowns in the real life are going to acting school while taking part in movies produced for the teenage audience. Miss Hamilton, 19, has a pert in AIP’s “How To Stuff A Wild Bikini.” She had no trouble memorising her lines. She had two. “A small start is better than none,” she said. Her first line: “Peanuts!” One word, you see. “I never practiced it and they said I did it fine,” she said. The second line: “How come a girl like that has to have coordination too?” She practiced that one a little. Miss Hamilton was in New York with other young AIP actors and actresses.

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