Alexandra Zuck

Sandra Dee: born Alexandra Cymboliak Zuck, 23 April 1942 or 1944, Bayonne, New Jersey.

Married to Bobby Darin, 1 Dec 1960 – 7 Mar 1967. Son Dodd Mitchell Darin born 16 Dec 1961. Died 20 February 2005, Thousand Oaks, California. First of seven actresses to play ‘Gidget’ between 1959 and 1986; the second of three actress to play ‘Tammy’ between 1957 and 1967.

Complete film credits:

Until They Sail (8-Oct-1957) Evelyn Leslie
The Reluctant Debutante (14-Aug-1958) Jane Broadbent
*with John Saxon
The Restless Years (1-Dec-1958 dir. Helmut Kautner) Melinda Grant
*with John Saxon, Jody McCrea
A Stranger in My Arms (3-Mar-1959 dir. Helmut Kautner) Pat Beasley
Gidget (Columbia 10-Apr-1959) Francie Lawrence aka Gidget
Imitation of Life (30-Apr-1959) Susie
*with Lana Turner, Troy Donahue, John Gavin
The Wild and the Innocent (27-May-1959) Rosalie
A Summer Place (18-Nov-1959) Molly Jorgenson
*with Troy Donahue
Portrait in Black (27-Jul-1960) Cathy Cabot
*with Lana Turner, John Saxon
Romanoff and Juliet (8-Jun-1961) Juliet Moulsworth
*with John Gavin
Tammy Tell Me True (26 July 1961) Tammy Tyree
*with John Gavin
Come September (1961) Sandy Stevens
*with Bobby Darin
If a Man Answers (10-Oct-1962) Chantal Stacy
*with Bobby Darin, Stefanie Powers, Roger Bacon, Charlene Holt
Tammy and the Doctor (29 May 1963) Tammy Tyree
Take Her, She’s Mine (13 Nov 1963) Mollie Michaelson
*with Bob Denver, Charla Doherty, Cynthia Pepper, Jenny Maxwell, Irene Tsu, Michael Blodgett, Lyn Edgington, David Winters
I’d Rather Be Rich (26-Aug-1964) Cynthia Dulaine
That Funny Feeling (25 Aug-1965) Joan Howell
*with Bobby Darin, Nita Talbot
A Man Could Get Killed (25-Mar-1966) Amy Franklin
*with Tony Franciosa
Doctor, You’ve Got to Be Kidding! (10 May 1967) Heather Halloran
*with George Hamilton, Bill Bixby, Dwayne Hickman
Rosie (22 Nov 1967) Daphne Shaw
The Dunwich Horror (American International Pictures 14 Jan 1970) Nancy Wagner

Final film credit: Lost (Al Adamson 1983) Penny
Final screen credit: Fantasy Island (5 Mar 1983 directed by Don Weis) Margaret Winslow
*with Stella Stevens

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