Hollywood drop-outs: Trudi, Cindy, and Noreen

CINDY CAROL & friends sexy leggy bikini beach pinup photo Gidget Goes to Rome

Trudi Ames, Cindy Carol and Noreen Corcoran in Gidget Goes To Rome (1963). Whatever Happened to Trudi Ames?Trudi Ames (born Trudy Ziskin) is a former actress most notable for her uncredited but memorable role in Bye Bye Birdie as Kim’s best friend Ursula. She also had a notable role as Libby in Gidget Goes to Rome. In a TV special on January 7, 1965, she was named by ABC as one of the twelve most promising young actresses. She later had some minor television roles, including an episode of Dick van Dyke’s show, with whom she had worked in Bye Bye Birdie. … after I created this page, I received a message … that she had retired from show business and had been, possibly still is, working for a Hospice foundation in the American Southwest.

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