Those sunglasses!

Fireball 500 Annette Funicello 3206161

Annette Funicello in Fireball 500 (1965). Stock car racer “Fireball” Dave Owens (Frankie Avalon) arrives at the racing town of Spartanburg, South Carolina, to compete against local champion Leander Fox (Fabian). Dave wins both the first race and the admiration of Leander’s girl friend, Jane Harris (Annette Funicello), and Martha Brian (Julie Parrish), a wealthy woman who persuades him to drive in a cross-country night race. In fact, Dave has been tricked into transporting moonshine whiskey, and he is subsequently approached by Federal agents who threaten to send him to prison if he does not cooperate with them in breaking the illegal operation. Joey, a driver, is killed on the liquor run while attempting to avoid an onrushing car, and Dave and Leander put aside their differences to investigate the accident. Driving along the same road, they encounter the headlights of a car racing at them. By refusing to “chicken,” they discover that the illusion of the other car was created by a huge mirror across the road. A trap is set which proves that Martha’s partner, Charlie Bigg, was responsible for both the illegal liquor and the murder. Jealous of Dave’s relationship with Martha, Charlie intended Dave as his next victim. The mystery settled, Dave goes on to win the big race, but Leander is badly burned in a racing accident. Though his career is over, Leander wins Jane as Dave and Martha go off together to continue racing around the country. TCM.

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