Flex Martian – Mister Galaxy

MUSCLE BEACH PARTY beefcake photo w girls (70)

Amadee Chabot as Flo, Alberta Nelson as Lisa, and Rock Stevens (a.k.a. Peter Lupus) as Flex Martian.

Q: How did you get the lead muscleman part in “Muscle Beach Party“?

PETER LUPUS: I was very lucky. I was visiting my good friend Jody McCrea on the set of one of his pictures when I was introduced to Mr. Nicholson of American International Pictures, and Jack Gilardi, an AIP casting man who’s Annette Funicello’s husband.

They remembered me, and six months later I got a call to try for the film. I made it on height, as well as muscle and acting ability, and it was an honor to work with bodybuilders like Larry Scott, Chet Yorton, Gene Shuey and the others. I enjoyed the picture a lot. The Peter Lupus Shrine.


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