The nice bikini girl, the good bikini girl.

Beach Blanket Bingo Patti-Chandler-Feet-840207

Patti Lauderback, a Culver City High School homecoming queen who had spent two years on Waikiki Beach, won A.I.P.’s win-a-role-in-a-beach-movie contest and took the screen name Patti Chandler. Pert and adorable, Patti was more Sandra Dee than Dee herself, especially after Dee lost her dewiness during her angst-ridden marriage to Bobby Darin. In Waikiki, Patti says, “I was the nice girl, the good girl. People protected me.” … Of all the surfer-girl starlets, Patti got the biggest career push. She was featured in beach spreads in Look, which also gave her a solo feature, headlined success overtakes patti chandler. But her career never rose above the B level, even though she was absorbed into the young-Hollywood scene. After dating Dean Martin’s son Craig and tutoring his son Dino in chemistry, hanging out with the Bob Evans crowd when the cocky producer was romancing Ali McGraw and getting her to move into his opulent Beverly Hills digs, and having a six-year relationship with a besotted Lee Majors, Patti made a refreshingly normal career choice: she became a flight attendant, a job she still loves 30 years later. Today, after two divorces, she is married to a Phoenix businessman.Malibu’s Lost Boys by Sheila Weller, Vanity Fair, October 2006.

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