turn on! stay loose! make out!

Don't make waves (1967)

The abominable Hollywood beach movie: Don’t Make Waves (1967). Based on the novel ‘Muscle Beach’ by Ira Wallach, just about everything is wrong with this: Tony Curtis twenty years too old for the lead role, Sharon Tate can’t act, Dave Draper can’t act, Claudia Cardinale can’t speak English, the comedy is unfunny, the special effects are lame, the surfing is non-existent. Tragically, someone actually died during the filming of the sky-diving sequence. The final feature film of an ageing Scottish director of 1950s British comedies, from the producers of Roman Polanski’s comedy turkey The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) – not even a cameo by Gilligan’s Island (TV 1964-67) millionaire Jim Backus and his wife Henny can redeem it. Switch off after the cute opening titles (sung by The Byrds) and watch Muscle Beach Party (1964) instead.

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