British bikini girl

Sweet Ride 1968 Original Movie Poster Drama-2

The Sweet Ride Begins Run – VINCENT CANBY – The New York Times June 13, 1968. TOWARD the end of “The Sweet Ride,” Jacqueline Bisset is raped by a psychotic cyclist and beaten by a television producer, and goes home to her family in Santa Barbara. Her fellow, Michael Sarrazin, abandons his life as a Malibu surfer to take a job in a hardware store. And Tony Franciosa, in whose beach pad the kids have been shacking up, suddenly sees the emptiness in his life as an aging tennis bum and feels fleeting remorse. Tears appear in his eyes, which, on the New Amsterdam Theater’s screen, are about eight feet wide.

Sweet Ride 1968 Original Movie Poster Drama


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2 Responses to British bikini girl

  1. Dale Ealey says:

    Still need to check this out….if I can find it! B/t/w it seems Pete Rugolo did a lot of 60’s TV soundtracks. Oh God, something else to look up.

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