Hollywood Divorcee

Deborah Walley John Ashley Original 8x10" Photo #Z494 TV Actress Deborah Walley A Homebody by Preference

By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) – The Cincinnati Enquirer, Wednesday, July 8, 1964, Page 42.

Deborah Walley, the bewildered bride of “The Mothers-in-Law” series, is a not-so-bewildered divorcee off-screen and the mother of son Tony, 4. A one-time movie “Gidget,” Deborah was divorced from actor John Ashley.

Deborah Walley John Ashley Original 8x10" Photo #Z492

Because she was afraid to live in a large house alone with her young son, the actress moved into a roomy San Fernando Valley apartment where she feels more secure. The apartment house has a pool and most of the other tenants have children, too. Young Tony is already an expert swimmer for his age. Deborah’s apartment consists of three bedrooms and three baths. She has furnished it with Spanish, French and English antiques, all of which, curiously enough, blend together very nicely.

Happily the new NBC series is not demanding on Deborah’s time. Generally she rehearses three days a week from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., leaving the balance of the day for time with Tony.

When the show is taped on Thursday Deborah reports for work at l p.m. and is usually home by 10 p.m. A woman who helped raise the actress when she was a child lives in the apartment and cares for Tony while his mother is at work.

“I never think of myself as a divorcee,” Deborah says. “It’s difficult to be divorced, but no more so in Hollywood than anywhere else, I imagine. “The hardest thing in the world is being a mother and being divorced. You can’t go back to being single again because you have a child.”

Deborah dates infrequently. She prefers men who would rather join her at the apartment for dinner than the swingers who want to spend their nights out on the town. Deborah has a cat named Mini-Cat who prowls the apartment house, which forbids dogs. Knee high boots are Deborah’s weakness. She enjoys wearing them with mini-skirts.

Deborah is very much a contemporary young lady who isn’t thinking of remarriage at the moment. Her career and being a mother absorb most of her time. “There is plenty of time ahead to think about marriage,” she says.

Deborah Walley John Ashley Original 8x10" Photo #Z493


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