Dancing on the grass

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Original Beach Party (1963) cast dancing on the grass in Hollywood: Pam Colbert (on left, wearing striped top + white pants), Donna Russell with back to camera, then Frankie Avalon, Candy Johnson, Eva Six. The five are wearing costumes from the night-time scene at Big Daddy’s – presumably the photo was taken on the lawn outside the studio between takes.


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5 Responses to Dancing on the grass

  1. J. Alan says:

    The girl in the striped top can’t be Susan or Pam. Those 4 girls in the picture danced with Frankie in the song “Don’t stop now”. Her face appears during the song sequence and doesn’t match with being either Susan or Pam. Both of those actresses appeared in other movies or even TV where their names and characters are in the credits. No one seems to know who she is on any website about this movie.

    • Hillard Elkins says:

      Good points. In other scenes in the movie, the woman with the short blonde hair appears to be a real surfer girl, performing tandem surfing stunts. The one with the long blonde hair (back to camera in this shot) appears to interest Frankie far more than Eva Six during his performance of ‘Don’t Stop Now.’

    • Hillard Elkins says:

      Update: the dancer with the short blond hair is definitely Pam Colbert. The dancer with the long blond har and back to camera is definitely Donna Russell; see recent posts with Los Angeles Times refernce photos.

  2. Jens says:


    yesterday I´ve seen Beach Party for the very first time. I was blown away from the dancing of the girl with the longer blonde hair (back to camera). Is her name Paulette Rapp? I can´t find anything about her.

    Cheers from Germany,


    • Hillard Elkins says:

      Hallo Jens, entschuldigen for the late reply. I ahve just established that the girl with the longer blonde hair (back to camera) is Donna Russell.

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