After The Beach Party: Savage Sisters (1974)

Savage Sisters Leopoldo Salcedo John Ashley 8x10 Photo 7419-15

The Screen: ‘Savage Sisters’ Views the Right to Fight
By NORA SAYRE, The New York Times August 29, 1974.

“… Entangled in a plot of staggering complexity, three women “subversives”—including an American dropout from the Social Register—wage the revolution on a nameless leafy island.

The inhabitants of this mango republic appear to be the result of an awesome genetic break-through: some seem Oriental, some Latin-American, and others suggest Arabs.

Reeling in pursuit of a million dollars that no one wants to share is John Ashley, the co-producer as well as a member of the movie cast. His voice rises frequently to a squawk, and that desperate note sounds like an anticipation of the rushes.”


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