Flex Martian autograph


Peter Lupus-signed Muscle Beach Party (1964) souvenir card.

American bodybuilder Peter Lupus (born 1932 Indianapolis USA) appeared in the film under the stage name  Rock Stevens, playing”Mr Galaxy Flex Martian.” In his real life bodybuilding career, he was Mr. Indianapolis, Mr. Indiana, Mr. International Health and Mr. Hercules.

1968 Interview from The Peter Lupus Shrine:

Q: How did you get the lead muscleman part in “Muscle Beach Party”?

PETER LUPUS: I was very lucky. I was visiting my good friend Jody McCrea on the set of one of his pictures when I was introduced to Mr. Nicholson of American International Pictures, and Jack Gilardi, an AIP casting man who’s Annette Funicello’s husband.

They remembered me, and six months later I got a call to try for the film. I made it on height, as well as muscle and acting ability, and it was an honor to work with bodybuilders like Larry Scott, Chet Yorton, Gene Shuey and the others. I enjoyed the picture a lot.

Q: You used the name “Rock Stevens” in that, didn’t you?

PETER LUPUS: Yes, there and in the Italian muscle pics I made after that. I did several Hercules-Goliath type of muscle movies, then a costume-pirate thing.

Muscle movies were starting to die off, so I came back to the States and invested in some gyms in the Midwest, turning down another Italian movie in the process.

I went out to the coast to make the “Mission: Impossible” pilot, stuck tight for a while, and it all came through for me.



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