Frankie and Rosemarie


I’ll Take Sweden (1965) Frankie Avalon and Rosemarie Frankland (1943–2000) – first British woman to win Miss World 1961.

Turner Classic Movies: In I’ll Take Sweden, Hope stars as Bob Holcomb, a widower raising his teenage daughter in sunny Southern California. Tuesday Weld costars as JoJo Holcomb, a typical teen who likes to dance, listen to rock ‘n’ roll, and spend her days at the beach. When JoJo becomes engaged to beach bum Kenny Klinger, played by a hyperkinetic Frankie Avalon, Bob accepts a new position with his company in Sweden to keep JoJo and Kenny apart. In Sweden, JoJo matures into a sophisticate as she falls under the spell of Erik Carlson, a smooth-talking, well-dressed ladies man who uses charm, culture, and Sweden’s more permissive view of sex to seduce young girls. Bob is aghast when JoJo and Erik consider going on a “pre-honeymoon” at a nearby resort without benefit of marriage. He quickly realizes that while Kenny may be a guitar-playing dropout adverse to work, he at least wants to marry JoJo before embarking on a honeymoon. Bob sends for Kenny in the hopes of distracting JoJo from Erik.

In the meantime, Bob woos interior designer Karin Granstedt, played by Dina Merrill. While pursuing Karin, he plans to take full advantage of Sweden’s modern perspective on sex and relationships, not caring that his position is hypocritical when compared to his attitude toward JoJo and Erik. When JoJo discovers that her father has slipped off for a pre-honeymoon of his own, she agrees to Erik’s proposition. Both couples end up at the same hotel, along with Kenny and his Swedish date, for a hectic sequence reminiscent of a French bedroom farce.



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