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Pretty Deborah Walley Is Unhappy; Wants To Get Out Of Her Contract. Many girls dream of going under contract to a major movie studio, but not Deborah Walley. This tiny bundle of dynamite did just that. Now she wants to blast loose from Columbia Pictures and run her own life, with an assist from a man named Disney. By DAVID FARMER HOLLYWOOD (AP), July 22, 1962

Deborah Walley went to drama school. She took a screen test She got a contract with Columbia Pictures. She began making movies. She’s a budding star at the age of 20. How does she like it? “It’s been horrible. “I want out of my contract,” she says. “They haven’t let me do anything since last November.”

Deborah has another recent contract which she entered last April 28, and which she isn’t seeking to overturn. It’s her marriage to actor John Ashley, 25. But Miss Walley admits she wasn’t so sure about Ashley on first contact.

“I met John through a mutual friend, a magazine writer who’d done stories on both of us. The writer gave my phone number to John. I was furious. I know nothing about Hollywood actors, and l didn’t even know who John Ashley was. … John called me up as a favor to the writer,” she giggled. “It was funny. He was trying to be nice and I was trying to avoid him. We talked, he asked for a date, I made excuses. Finally, he made a date and I was impressed. We agreed on things actors don’t usually agree on. But we didn’t fall in love on the first date,” said Debbie. “He called me for our second so date, we had a wonderful time, and we’ve seen each other every night since–except for a personal appearance tour he took.”

She noted that they were engaged four months before they were married, but knew each other only 12 days before they became engaged. Deborah feels that marriage and a career can mix. “John and I talked about it before we were married. Neither of us is a jealous person. If one of us got big and the other didn’t, it would only make the other one happier. “It doesn’t mean that much to be a star–not to me or John. We both want kids. I want to have a family soon. I believe you can have a family and a career too. If not, my husband and my family are the more important.”

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