Little Miss Dee and Mr. Donahue


Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee pose in a studio for the movie A Summer Place (1959). ‘Summer Place’ Opens – HOWARD THOMPSON, The New York Times October 23, 1959… two mismated parents, played by Miss McGuire and Mr. Egan, blandly resume a twenty – year – old liaison (in a boathouse). … the storm of discovery, scandal and a divorce breaks squarely over the heads of their teen-age children, Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue. The remainder of the plot mercilessly and minutely stalks these two nice kids with their own scandal, after an innocent night together, plus that of their parents, until history repeats itself. At the fade-out the desperate Mr. Donahue and Miss Dee, now pregnant, wanly accept refuge with Mr. Egan and Miss McGuire (now married, twenty years too late, and about time). … Little Miss Dee, as one of the martyrs, is completely convincing; Mr. Donahue remains earnest.

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