Gidget learns to surf

SALLY FIELD Rare Bathing Suit Surfing Shot Original Slide Transparency gp

Sally Field practising surfing for Gidget (TV).

“I had just graduated. It was that summer of 1964. I had just graduated from high school and had no idea what I was going to do. And no, my parents didn’t say, “Sal, maybe you ought to be taking SATs and going to college”? … I said I needed to go and act somewhere in the summertime, because that was what I did all day long.

My stepfather had heard of some workshop that was located at Columbia Pictures, and it was just using the facilities at night. And so I went and auditioned. You had to audition. I auditioned with my mother, with a scene from Toys in the Attic, which must’ve been beyond dreadful. But I got into the workshop, and then I realized that the people who auditioned you were actually casting people from television.

And the first night I went to the workshop, the casting man from Screen Gems came out, introduced himself, and asked me if I’d come on an interview the next day. And that interview that I went on — completely naïve. All the other girls had eight by ten glossies and agents. I had a wallet full of pictures of my friends.

I went on the audition — auditioned. I’d never been…I mean I didn’t know what do to. I came back, I came back, I came back, I came back, I came back, I came back, which seemed like forever. And at the end of the summer, I was doing a television series called Gidget. Yeah, and I was 17. So bam! You know, just into it, just flop into the world!” Academy of Achievement.


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