Jantzen Suits

Mikki Jamison Lynn Loring Leggy Clipping Magazine photo orig 1pg 8x8 Q6025

Mikki Jamison (1942 – 2013), Tucker Smith (1936 – 1988), Lynn Loring (born 1944), Fabian (Forte – born 1943) advertising Jantzen swimsuits.

Jantzen’s 100-year history reveals how Portland-made swimwear changed the world- and vice versa. Katy Muldoon | The Oregonian/Oregon August 07, 2010.

Carol Alhadeff watches over Elvis in an old Northeast Portland office building, where, in a fashion, he resides. With abiding affection and conscientious attention to detail, Alhadeff also safeguards memories of Princess Diana, Liz Taylor, Johnny Weissmuller, Esther Williams, Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe, when she still was the fresh, fetching Norma Jeane Baker. The list goes on: stars of sport and screen, royalty and commoners, some of the world’s most stunning women and strapping men, all of whom at one time or another slipped into a swimsuit whose tag read “Jantzen.”

Jantzen first advertised bathing suits in its 1915 catalogs. They were knitted from pure wool, which sounds itchy and less-than-practical, but the unisex unitards were a big improvement over head-to-toe, modesty-gone-mad bathing costumes of earlier eras.

Jantzen wrapped Hollywood in tight, too. Its catalogs pictured such stars or up-and-comers as Loretta Young, Dick Powell and James Garner wearing Jantzen; in turn, the actors used the glamour shots for publicity. Elizabeth Taylor wore Jantzen in 1951’s “A Place in the Sun.” Elvis Presley did, too, a decade later in the musical “Blue Hawaii.” And in 1963, Jantzen suited Annette Funicello perfectly in “Beach Party.”


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