Deborah, Diane, Victoria and Elvis

Spinoutreleased 14 December 1966 USA; released in the UK as California Holiday

Producer: Joe Pasternak (1901 – 1991) final credit: The Sweet Ride (1968); other credits: Penelope (1966), Made In Paris (1966), Girl Happy (1965), Where The Boys Are (1960)

Director: Norman Taurog (1899 – 1981) preceding credit Dr Goldfoot and His Bikini Machine (1965); subsequent credits: three Elvis movies: Double Trouble (1967), Speedway (1968) and Live A Little, Love A Little (1968).

Writer: Theodore J. Flicker (1930 – 2014) The President’s Analyst (1967),
Writer: George Kirgo (1926 – 2004) Don’t Make Waves (1967)

Mr. Presley, to be precise, has made more than 20 films, but the minor variation this time is that he prefers racing cars and bachelorhood to the cuties his crooning captivates. There are, to be exact, Diane McBain, Deborah Walley and Shelley Fabares as the charmers vying for his hand. But our handsome hero, who loves his Duesenberg more than any dame, manages to sing eight songs (the reviewer must have slept through the ninth), win the big road race and remain foot-loose and fancy free. ‘I’ll Be Back,’ he chants in one number, which should be a welcome hint only to those juveniles whose motors he starts racing.” The New York Times, quoted on Elvis History Blog.

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