Fabares and Forte

Shelley Fabares Fabian 8x10" Photo #C2407

Shelley Fabares and Fabian Forte, co-stars of Ride The Wild Surf (1964). Surfboard by Phil Sauers of Downey, California.

“Ride the Wild Surf was supposed to star Jan and Dean, the surf vocal duo who put four songs in the Top 40 in 1963. Unfortunately one of Dean’s friends was somehow implicated in the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr. (which occurred in November 1963) and that caused the studio to nix them. So instead, the studio used Fabian and Tab Hunter.

Fabian was one of the most popular of the so-called teen idols that appeared in the wake of Elvis. He made his first film at the age of 16 with the wannabe Elvis title of Hound-Dog Man (1959). Fabian’s music hits trickled off in 1960 as he began making movie appearances, usually in B-movies like Fireball 500 (1966) and A Bullet for Pretty Boy (1970).

By the way, in Ride the Wild Surf that’s famous Californian surfer Mickey Dora doubling for Fabian despite the fact that Dora had never surfed Waimea before.”




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