Topless Bikini Girl


Jacqueline Bisset and Michael Sarrazin in The Sweet Ride (1968). “The Sweet Ride,”which opened at neighborhood theaters yesterday, is a Southern California uplift drama, directed by Harvey Hart, who also has directed segments of TV’s “Peyton Place.” He has a fondness for photographing images reflected in windows and mirrors. The film was produced by Joe Pasternak (“Three Smart Girls,” “Three Smart Girls Grow Up,” “Destry Rides Again” and 102 other films), who has a fondness for what Hollywood calls youthful subjects. Even with color photography and rock music, Pasternak’s current films aren’t much different from the ones he made 30 years ago, except, perhaps, that today’s heroines are more inclined—as we used to say 30 years ago — to go all the way. VINCENT CANBY – The New York Times June 13, 1968.

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