Connie Stevens


Connie Stevens: born Concetta Anna Ingolia 8 August 1938, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Connie Stevens began her career in juvenile delinquent dramas “Young and Dangerous” (1957), “Eighteen and Anxious” (1957), “Dragstrip Riot” (1958), and “The Party Crashers” (1958).

She appeared in 119 episodes of the TV crime caper series “Hawaiian Eye” (TV 1959 – 1963) as ‘Cricket Blake’.

She co-starred opposite Troy Donahue in two Delmer Daves melodramas: “Parrish” (1961) and in the title role of “Susan Slade” (1961), followed by “Palm Springs Weekend” (1963), playing opposite her “Hawaiian Eye” co-star Robert Conrad.

She played the title role opposite veteran comedian George Burns in the short-lived TV sitcom “Wendy and Me” (1964-65 – 34 episodes).

She twice starred opposite Jerry Lewis: “Rock-a-Bye Baby” (1958) and “Way… Way Out” (1966).

She was married to “A Swingin’ Summer” / “Winter A-Go-Go” star James Stacy 12 Oct 1963 – 2 Nov 1966, and later Debbie Reynolds/Elizabeth Taylor’s ex-husband, Eddie Fisher 9 Feb 1967 – 12 June 1969).

She is still acting.

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