A Scottish Lass and an Italian Stallion on a Date

QUINN O'HARA & FABIAN Embrace Original Slide Transparency gp1

Quinn O’Hara and Fabian Forte circa 1963.

Quinn O’Hara: born Alice Jones in Edinburgh, Scotland 3 January 1941, on US screens from 1961.

O’Hara delivers a reasonable comic performance as the short-sighted, bikini-clad villainess, Sinistra Ripper, in The Ghost and the Invisible Bikini (1966). This followed the romantic lead in A Swingin’ Summer (1965), somehwat overshadowed by Raquel Welch in her feature film debut.

O’Hara’s final feature film lead was in the low-budget, AIP-distributed, Larry “Mars Needs Women” Buchanan shocker, In The Year 2889 (1967). O’Hara’s career subsequently dissipated into TV bit-parts.

Italo-American Philly rocker Fabian Forte (born Fabiano Forte 6 Feb 1943 Philadelphia) was a little unconvincing as a Californian surfer proving himself on the big waves of Hawaii in Ride The Wild Surf (1964).

In November 1965, he signed a seven-picture deal with American International Pictures, culminating in A Bullet for Pretty Boy (1970) as depression-era gangster Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd.

His final feature film  role was the father of Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) in the AIP TV movie Runaway Daughters (a 1994 remake of AIP’s 1956 B-movie) with Julie Bowen (Modern Family).

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