Kids on a date in 1963

Quinn O'Hara Fabian Forte with Quinn O'Hara, 1963-1a

Quinn O’Hara (born Alice Jones, Scotland, 1941) and Fabian (born Fabiano Forte, Philadelphia, 1943) dated in 1963.

In 1963, Fabian appeared in episodes of Wgaon Train and The Greatest Show on Earth. O’Hara appeared in The Lively Ones, a summer TV variety series starring lounge singer Vic Damone.

O’Hara delivers a reasonable comic performance as the short-sighted, bikini-clad villainess, Sinistra Ripper, in The Ghost and the Invisible Bikini (1966). This followed the romantic lead in A Swingin’ Summer (1965), somehwat overshadowed by Raquel Welch in her feature film debut.

O’Hara’s final feature film lead was in the low-budget, AIP-distributed, Larry “Mars Needs Women” Buchanan shocker, In The Year 2889 (1967). O’Hara’s career subsequently dissipated into TV bit-parts.

Fabian was a little unconvincing as a Californian surfer proving himself on the big waves of Hawaii in Ride The Wild Surf (1964).

In November 1965, he signed a seven-picture deal with American International Pictures, culminating in A Bullet for Pretty Boy (1970) as depression-era gangster Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd.

O’Hara and Fabian have not yet appeared on screen together. Fabian’s last screen appearance was in an episode of Murphy Brown in 1998. O’Hara’s last screen credit was an episode of Las Vegas in 2005.

Quinn O'Hara Fabian Forte with Quinn O'Hara, 1963-1b



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