Smiling at a party in 1965

Quinn O'Hara smiling at Cy Howard at the party. 1965

Quinn O’Hara smiling at pipe-smoking writer-producer Cy Howard at a Hollywod party in 1965.

Cy Howard, 78, TV writer and producer, died April 29 of heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. … Howard wrote for Milton Berle, Danny Thomas and Bert Lahr after the war, then created and wrote the popular radio series “My Friend Irma” and co-scripted the film version. The film introduced the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. In June 1961 Howard filed a $950,000 law suit against Paramount and Jerry Lewis, charging that the story idea and screenplay he had originated under the title of “The Paris Story” had been unlawfully used in the Lewis production “Cinderfella.” The case was settled out of court six months later. Howard, who semi-retired in the late 1960s, was married three times: his first wife was actress Nan Wynn and his second wife was film star Gloria Graham, with whom he had a daughter, Paulette. He is survived by his third wife, Barbara, the daughter of Jack Warner. Variety Magazine

Cy Howard and wife Gloria Grahame

Cy Howard and wife Gloria Grahame




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