Carole Shelyne

Carole Shelyne and Jimmy O'Neill

Carole Shelyne a.k.a. Carolyne Barry: born Carole Stuppler, 20 July 1943, Brooklyn New York; died 16 June 2015, Los Angeles California.

House dancer on 45 episodes of Shindig! (TV  1964 – 1966) hosted by Jimmy O’Neill

One feature film appearance in the bikini spy-spoof Out of Sight (1966) as Marvin

Two appearances in Star Trek, episode “Arena” (1967) as Metron; and Star Trek: The Next Generation, episodeHome Soil” (1988) as Female Engineer.

Released a novelty single: “The Girl with The Horn Rim Glasses“.

karen jensen carole shelyne out of sight

Karen Jensen and Carole Shelyne in Out Of Sight (1966)

From the Star Trek online encyclopedia:

Carolyne H. Barry was an actress, dancer, acting coach, casting director, and former singer who worked under the name Carole Shelyne as a Metron on the 1967 Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Arena”. Twenty-one years later she portrayed a female engineer in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Home Soil”. She filmed her scene for “Arena” on Thursday 10 November 1966 at Vasquez Rocks.

Barry was a former regular on the popular TV variety show Shindig! as the girl with the horn-rimmed glasses. Some rock and roll performers to appear on the show were Roy Orbison and Michelle Phillips, as well as dancer and actress Teri Garr. In 1965 she also released a song, titled “Boys Do Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses”.

She had a recurring character role as Franny in the television western comedy Here Come the Brides (starring Mark Lenard, David Soul, and Robert Brown with Majel Barrett, Michael Bell, Alan Oppenheimer, and Bill Zuckert).

She did guest spots on TV shows like Mr. Novak (1965, with Stephen Mines, Vince Howard and Bill Zuckert), Julia (1970, with Paul Winfield, Fred Williamson and Denise Crosby’s brother Gary Crosby), and The Bob Newhart Show (1978, with John Fiedler). She also appeared in the secret agent spoof Out of Sight (1966, with Star Trek: Enterprise guest Robert Pine and original series guest Maggie Thrett).

In 1976, she co-wrote and starred in the horror film Dark August. In the 1980s Barry had guest roles in episodes of The Paper Chase (1983), Hotel (1986, with Michael Spound, Barry Wiggins, Johnny Haymer, and Michelle Phillips), J.J. Starbuck (1987, with Katherine Moffat, David Huddleston, Jay Underwood, Douglas Alan Shanklin, Eric Server and Patrick Cronin), Dynasty (1987, with Joan Collins and Tom Schanley), and Santa Barbara (1987, with Scott Jaeck and Mic Rodgers).

Barry passed away on 16 June 2015 at the age of 71.

Carole Shelyne - Getty - 1


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