Don’t Stop Now!

Beach Party (1963): Frankie flirts with Eva while performing ‘Don’t Stop Now’ at Big Daddy’s, and Dee Dee is unimpressed. Watching the video, it’s obvious that Frankie Avalon is most interested in the unidentified dancer with long blonde hair, blue horizontal-striped top and green pants.

Hungarian actress Eva Six has no idea how to dance to foot-stomping rock ‘n’ roll. Candy Johnson go-go dances in perpetual motion and Dick Dale beats his bongoes. That’s Playboy Playmate Delores Wells (June 1960) sitting in between Annette and Candy. The dancer is with the short blonde hair is unidentified.

Despite his leering looks at the long-haired blonde, Avalon had married Kay Diebel 19 January 1963 at St. Charles Catholic Church in North Hollywood, California. Avalon’s best man was his manager Bob Marcucci (1930-2011) – the co-composer of ‘Don’t Stop Now’ with songwriter Russ Faith (1929-2004).

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