Jack Mullaney


Jack Mullaney: born 18 September 1929, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania; died 27 June 1982, Woodland Hills California. On screen from 1954, credits include two Elvis Presley movies: Tickle Me (1965) and Spinout (1966) and Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965). His career petered out in the early seventies and he died in obscurity.

HOLLYWOOD — Veteran television actor Jack Mullaney, who appeared in such 1960s comedy series as ‘It’s About Time’ and ‘My Living Doll,’ died Sunday of a stroke. He was 51. It was Mullaney’s second stroke since being admitted to the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital, a hospital spokesman said. Mullaney was a featured player in several television comedy series, including ‘The Ann Sothern Show,’ which aired from 1958-1961; ‘Ensign O’Toole,’ which was broadcast from 1962-64; ‘It’s About Time,’ which aired from 1966-67; and ‘My Living Doll,’ which was broadcast from 1964-65. An associate of Mullaney’s, Seymour Rosen, said Mullaney also appeared in numerous of Elvis Presley’s films, as well as other movies such as ‘Mr. Roberts’ and ‘Seven Days in May.’ Mullaney is survived by his mother and a sister, Rosen said. Funeral arrangments were incomplete. UPI.


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