Pam Colbert

Beach Party (1963) Screen Shot

Beach Party (1963): Pam Colbert dancing

Pam Colbert: genuine California surfer girl, born Pamela Joanne Colbert 25 March 1947 in Los Angeles, California, featured as a dancer and stunt surfer (with Johnny Fain) in Beach Party (1963).

Background filler in:

Credited roles in:

  • Gidget (TV 15 Sep. 1965) S1E1 ‘Dear Diary – Et Al.’ – Cornbread
  • Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (TV 30 Nov 1965) S1E12 ‘Of Hitches and Stitches and Big Round Dogs’ – Melinda Nash

The Los Angeles Times Monday February 4, 1963, page 1


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6 Responses to Pam Colbert

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  2. Ronald sands says:

    Of all the 1960’s beach movies, I thought Donna Russell was by far the most beautiful woman on the beach, or anywhere else.

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