Debbie and three old goats


Debbie Watson starred in Tammy – 26 color half-hour episodes on ABC from 17 Sep 1965 to 11 March 1966. Tammy and the Millionaire (1967) is a movie edited from the first four Tammy TV episodes and includes all the main TV cast except Cletus Tarleton.

When Tammy is hired as secretary to millionaire John Brent, she arouses the anger of Lavinia Tate, who hoped that her daughter Gloria would get the position and be able to win the affection of Brent’s collegiate son, Steven. While home from school, Steven is attracted to Tammy, and the efforts of Gloria and her mother to discredit the young girl only succeed in bringing the couple closer together. Mrs. Tate attempts to have Tammy’s home taken away from her because of unpaid taxes, but Tammy’s Grandpa and Uncle Lucius find an ancient deed which establishes their ownership of much of the local property. Although they are anxious to take advantage of the situation, Tammy makes them promise to leave the Tates alone. After Mr. Brent has anonymously paid the back taxes, Tammy’s relatives crash a party and reduce it to a shambles. Later, all is forgiven, and Tammy ends up in Steven’s arms. TCM.

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