Jack and Chris on a date


Chris Noel: star of Beach Ball (1965) and Wild Wild Winter (1966): I prayed, “Please God, help me to be able to do something to help these young men in war.” My opportunity soon came. I learned through my boyfriend at the time, the singer Jack Jones, that Armed Forces Radio, which had its studios in Los Angeles, was auditioning girls for a show. I had no idea what it was, but I went in for an audition, along with a lot of other girls. I was interviewed, and they recorded me reading some copy. A few days later, they called me back and offered me a job. I started out on a show hosted by George Church III, called Small World, where I was on the air with him reading copy and having a conversation. About two months into it, Colonel Robert Cranston, who was in charge, called me into his office and told me I was fired. “Why?” I asked. “What did I do wrong?” He smiled at me and said: “Chris, you’ve been rehired to do your own show. We’re calling it ‘A Date With Chris.’” HistoryNet: Keeping A Date With Chris.

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