Astrid Warner


Astrid Warner: born Betty Ann Waarala, 1943; attended Hancock High school, Michigan; married cameraman and actor Robert Sherrill Ballew (born 1 Oct 1940), 22 April 1965 in Nevada; and again 30 December 1966 in California (?). Ballew has two credits for “Gunsmoke” (TV 1965). Studied acting at Pasadena Playhouse.

Screen debut: Gidget Is A Proper (TV S01E07 1965) ‘Nancy’; The Glory Stompers (1968), Hell’s Belles (1969), A Bullet For Pretty Boy (1970); final credit: My Three Sons (TV S11E24 aired March 1971). Played ‘Sandy Horton’ on Days Of Our Lives in 1967; later the role was played by Heather North (Daphne in Scooby Doo)

HOLLYWOOD, July 6, 1969: American International Pictures has signed actress Astrid Warner to a seven – year multiple picture contract. The actress was signed on the strength of her performance in AIP’s “Hell’s Belles,” and a previous release, “The Glory Stompers.”




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