Sultry and Dark vs Blonde and Blue-Eyed

There is, unfortunately, no guaranteed formula leading to Hollywood stardom. Elvis Presley’s two new leading ladies in MGM’s “Live A Little, Love A Little,” demonstrate divergent approaches to successful screen careers.

Michele Carey, dark and sultry, and Celeste Yarnall, blonde and blue~eyed, both aspire to stardom. That is about all the two glamor girls, who lead Presley astray in the comedy, have in common.

Miss Carey developed her interest in acting only after working as a Powers model in Denver, Colorado. Miss Yarnall always wanted to become an actress. The “Miss Rheingold” crown was her ticket to Hollywood.

Miss Carey, whose film credits include “El Dorado,” “The Sweet Ride” and “Changes,” is absorbed in her career and is seldom seen at premieres, studio parties or on the interview route.

Every bit as professional as Miss Carey, her counterpart believes in being seen almost everywhere. Celeste Yarnall has served as queen of numerous charity affairs and such public events as the Los Angeles Home Show. As opposed to her co-star, who avoids news cameras, Miss Yarnall wowed newsmen at the 1967 Cannes Film Festival where she was voted “most photogenic beauty” in attendance.

Says Miss Yarnall: “An actress is a public person who must be seen around the clock.” Avers Miss Carey: “When I leave the studio my life is my own.”

Producer Douglas Lawrence and director Norman Taurog, who made “Live A Little, Love a Little,” agree the two actresses are alike in one respect. Both have the talent to take them all the way to the top.

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph Sat Dec 7, 1968

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